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Anti-Aging Products

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This class of products uses sound scientific principles and well-proven techniques both working toward the same goal. More youthful looking skin is not just a catch phrase. There are many ways we can safely and effectively treat the skin and face to lift sagginess, smooth lines, plump wrinkles, and lots of other functions. The key to selecting the best product is to find the combination that works best for your target market. But what if it doesn't exist? That's where our lab steps in and creates something brand new...just for you.

Eye Area

To effectively treat the super-thin skin around the eye, it's important to first know what's wrong with it. As we age, the thin skin around the eye tends to get thinner and to lose its supportive structure. At the same time, a pea pod shaped deposit of fat can build up causing the thinner tissue to sag outward giving the appearance of bags under the eyes. While all this is going on, you might even have a buildup of poorly oxygenated blood around the eye. Product lines focus on treating these issues in varying degrees usually customized to their target market. We can help you focus your goals and give you a product that delivers results. Think of it like fine-tuning a violin. We're all on the same path of aging. Which note are you trying to strike to give your age group the best results for their type of issues?

Lip Area

We're not only talking about the part of the lips where you apply lipstick, but also the area around the lips that can show signs of age early in life. Caring for the lips is easy. Keep them moisturized and protected from the sun. Don't apply harsh products that dry out or crack the lips. Most importantly, don't ignore the surrounding area. Our mouths are one of the most active places on our faces. A smooth, beautiful mouth area is a sign of health and youth but you don't have to lose that appearance to wrinkles and expression lines. A well-balanced approach is the key to finding the right combination of effects for the right mix of issues.

We also have a number of products that can naturally plump up the lips without injecting anything. These products come in the form of glosses, sticks, and brushed-on color and are available in a variety of applicators including eco-friendly, recycled, and just plain sensible.

Men's Products

Men have additional issues to consider if they shave with a blade. Decade after decade of shaving can toughen the beard area of the face and deepen expression lines. Worse yet, hitting the same bump over and over can lead to keloid scars. Men should never settle for a shaving product that does any less than protect them from effects that can make them look old prematurely. We have shaving products that not only prevent shaving bumps and keloids but also make your blade last longer...and they're water rinseable and deep-conditioning. How many more benefits can we pack into a shaving product? Lots. Let us develop your next men's product and you can guide the development process yourself. It's great having an R&D lab with over 1500 products in their archives. It frees you up to be as creative as you want.

Lifting Products

There is now a clinically-proven way to make nearly any lotion measurably lift sagging areas. That means that our lab can now create a product for any type of skin that will lift and tighten. The results have been replicated in clinical trials conducted by independent research facilities and appear to be very consistent. With continued use, your clients will get long-lasting results rather than a magic lotion that only tightens while you're wearing it. Ours actually work even when you're not wearing them because the results are cumulative.

Resurfacing Products

There are a variety of ways to resurface the skin. Which methods you choose entirely depend on your target market's skin issues. We have products that resurface the skin while preventing acne breakouts, products that chemically remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production, and products that mechanically polish off the skin's surface to accelerate skin cell growth and reduce the size and discoloration of scars.

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