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Breath Freshening Tooth Whitening Mouthwash

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Why would you choose a mouthwash for sensitive teeth over other types?
These mouthwashes are designed to safely whiten even the most sensitive teeth without increased pain or sensitivity.  Recommended for use with our Antigingival Whitening Gel for sensitive teeth.  May be used by patients with active gingivitis to treat and reverse the disease.  The regular dilution is excellent for the treatment and recovery of mouth sores, post-operative healing of incisions, and the prevention of complications due to oral infection.

IN-VIVO STUDY The Results Speak For Themselves
What degree of whitening can I get in exactly how long?
In order to establish a safe exposure duration, we conducted a real-life study using teeth removed from patients who were being fitted for dentures.  Each of the teeth was weighed in micrograms then placed in a vial with our 15% CP Antigingival Whitening Gel without fluoride and left at room temperature.  The mouthwash and the gel are essentially the same formula.  These are two teeth from the same patient.  The one on the left is without treatment, the right is after 48 hours of treatment.  You can see that, not only did the exposed body of the tooth whiten, but the mantle under the enamel has whitened as well.  After the study, the teeth were weighed again and showed no loss of mass.  Even after 360 hours of expsoure there was still no damage.

SWEETENERS AND FLAVORINGS Matching Your Market’s Needs
Does buying directly from a manufacturer give you more flexibility?
Ingredients include carbamide peroxide, Triclosan (0.3%), Sodium Fluoride (0.25%), Stevia® sweetener, and flavor.  Using Stevia® all-natural, no-calorie sweetener and all-natural flavorings, we can help you create your own custom treatment experience.  Our flavors include peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint ice, spearmint ice, wintergreen ice, fresh mint, and bubble gum but we can create almost any flavor of mouthwash you want.

Stevia®  is a registered mark of Stevia SAS France, a division of Arden Dietic Foods in Arden, Delaware

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