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Company History

Company History

In 1951, Bill Loesch, Sr. opened Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. on the outskirts of Houston on South Main St. near Richmond and Buffalo Speedway. His son, W. T. Loesch, Jr., Ph. D., created a system to grow hair and reduce hair loss. At the time another company was manufacturing these products, but by the late 60's Loesch Lab had grown so large that they decided to do their own manufacturing. In 1971, a manufacturing plant was built at 610 & 59 and in 1974 Bio-Medical & Pharm. Mfg. Corp. (“Bio-Medical”) was opened to the public.

By 2005 Bio-Medical had so outgrown the original building that shipments often had to be stored elsewhere so that another shipment could be packaged. Bellaire had grown up around us and we were unable to add onto the building. Also, driving back and forth between the two buildings that were now well within the dense city traffic was wasting a lot of time for management. We decided to consolidate the two businesses under one roof so we built a new production facility near 288 & Beltway 8. The new building now houses both companies and we have the ability to quadruple our production space to keep pace with future expansion.

Tom Loesch, III, our Vice-President, was apprenticing in our R&D lab for 10 years under his father before he began creating formulas. As our business continues to grow with more scientists on board, our capacity to meet customized demand from a variety of customers has significantly increased.


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