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There's a lot more to conditioning hair than gooping on some waxy cream. Today's conditioners use a delicately-balanced combination of vitamin complexes, nourishing herbal extracts, light-weight silicones, and body-building waxes to achieve specific results for each type of hair and type of damage.

New Technology

Over the past few years there have been major advancements in molecular engineering that allow us to manipulate the structure of hair to attach chains of conditioning agents to the proteins that make up the hair shaft and to reverse specific types of damage rather than simply smooth it over. We can even take hair that has been over-straightened and repair it enough to bring back its body and wave.

Scalp Conditioning For Hair Growth

We have developed a class of conditioners specifically for the scalp. These conditioners soften and remove even the most stubborn, dry, waxy sebum buildup and within a few months, new hairs begin filling in thin areas. These are not like the conditioners for hair.  They usually go on a dry scalp before shampooing instead of after and the shampoo used is usually designed to combine with the scalp conditioner to improve scalp cleansing. We have over 60 years of data proving that this method of hair loss reduction actually leads to new hair growth without hormones.


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