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Hair Care


We have created some amazing shampoo formulas over the years. The study of artificial hair color has led us to create natural, Whole Foods-Approved color protecting sunscreen and non-chemical process color-enhancing shampoos that allow you to tweak and tone color without altering it chemically. Softening ingredients like natural butters and nutrients like concentrated extracts help us to deliver beautiful hair and great customer satisfaction.


Most conditioners are simple blend of synthetic waxes, water, and emulsifiers. We have taken a different route making many our conditioners from natural ingredients that don't just coat the hair, they become a part of it disappearing into the hair shaft.

Styling Products

There are so many different ways to style hair and so many different products to do the job that only large companies had the resources to market and sell these products. With a strongly competitive economy, this is no longer true. We make these formulas available to small companies in almost any package bearing their own brand.

Hair Treatment

When the damage is done, where do you turn? You turn to us. Our Whole Foods-Approved Intensive Repair Hair Therapy is unrivaled. There is a formula for each type of damage and a way back to healthy hair. Combining these methods in various ways allows us to fine-tune products for your specific market.  Hair regrowth Our exclusive Loesch® Hair Growth System has a 90% success rate without hormones and even higher with. Our researchers developed a naturally-derived, Whole Foods-Approved hair growth system.

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