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Hair Growth

Our company was originally created to manufacture products for Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. exclusively but in 1974 it was decided to open our company up to the public. Now, all of the products available in the Loesch® product line are now available under your own label. We have carefully designed a 3-strength system that has been clinically proven to regrow hair and prevent reduce hair loss. These levels of treatment are referred to as Full Treatment, Enhanced Treatment, and Maximum Treatment Kits. Each kit is a 1-month supply of products.

Wholesale & Referral Programs

While we can manufacture these products under your own label, we have two programs available through Loesch Labs that work like this. Wholesale accounts can purchase products with the Loesch® label and simply mark them up. Referral accounts receive free brochures to hand out to clients experiencing hair loss. When that client calls Loesch Labs and places an order, they give us the code on the brochure and we give you $10 on their first order and 10% of everything they order in the future. It's a great way to accumulate residual income.

Minoxidil: Pro's & Con's

We do not recommend Minoxidil for everyone. Minoxidil is a hormone that requires dosing every 12 hours. It has been clinically-proven to grow hair in 85% of the people who use it as directed. It forces hair to grow whether the follicles are healthy or not, though the resulting hair's consistency and robustness are strongly influenced by the health of the follicle that grows the hair. Minoxidil is a serious commitment. We have discovered over the years that many people say they will use it as directed and then don't. Lacking any understanding of how Minoxidil actually works, people will often use it once per day instead of every 12 hours. These people are wasting their money. Minoxidil loses far greater than 1/2 of its effectiveness when used in this way. The difference is wasted money. Minoxidil is a life-long choice. If you stop using it at any time, a "hair loss event" will usually occur within 10 days. This is the result of the follicles "resetting" to the lower hormone levels that occur naturally in the user's body versus the higher levels when using Minoxidil. Here's a handy rule: use the lowest level of treatment that gets the results you will be happy with. As your condition progresses with age, you can step up to stronger levels of treatment to maintain a full head of hair.


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