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Hair Treatment

This class of products includes vitamin serums, hot oil treatments, restructuring creams, and hair masques designed to improve the look and feel of the hair or to undo some kind of damage. Harsh chemical treatment like relaxers, too-frequent dying, and permanents do what they do by "denaturing" the hair. That means they must break down the hair structure in order to impart something to it like a new shape or a new color. Too much time can quickly lead to breakage and dull, lifeless hair.

Vitamin Serums

This class of hair treatments are either oil-based or water-based depending on the vitamins you want to deliver into the hair. That depends on the type of damage you want to repair. If the proteins have been denatured or cooked by chemicals, infusion with Vitamin E, A, C, and D can greatly improve hair's feel, but the difference between water and oil-based products is remarkable. Water-based delivery gives you a more intense but temporary repair. Oil-based delivery gives you a gradual improvement to a much better condition that lasts for a longer time.

Oil Treatments

This type of treatment is broken up into two categories: natural and artificial. The majority of clients these days want certified organic, cold-pressed, environmentally responsible alternatives. For this market, we offer a wide variety of extracts, oils, and natural infusions from all over the world obtained from companies that are harvesting renewable resources to create unique and exclusive ingredients for our products. For those clients that want to take advantage of refined ingredients that don't exist in nature, there are some amazing effects we can add to products that nature simply can't give. Chemistry allows us to soften hair way beyond its natural feel and even to make hair impossible to tangle. Want soft, huge waves? Good chemistry is the way to go.

Restructuring Creams

These creams are similar to moisturizers for the skin, but because hair can absorb a lot more than the skin can, they are packed with nutrients, vitamins, beneficial oils, botanical extracts, and natural conditioners at levels that would be gooey on skin but make hair feel wonderfully soft, smooth, and radiant.

Hair Masques

These products are designed more for removing chemicals and built-up mineral deposits from the hair than for moisturizing and softening. Exclusive botanical infusions of exotic clays and elements such as carbon draw out hard water minerals and chemicals and prevent them from interfering with styling and conditioning products.


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