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HazMat Consulting

Some products contain active ingredients that are destroyed by water. These products might instead contain a liquid silicone or alcohol. These ingredients pose little hazard in a small amount such as a jar, but in drums or even gallons may pose a significant fire hazard. Imagine a jar of flammable product going onto a passenger aircraft. The penalties for such a mistake could be as mild as a fine from the FAA or as severe as the death of passengers and crew and the destruction of the aircraft. Determining what the risks are and how to deal with them properly takes a trained expert. Our employees are trained and certified to handle these types of products and shipping arrangements are always overseen by a certified HazMat employee.

We can help you set up a shipping operation, or just tell you what is required for your paperwork. Abiding by shipping regulations is not only the right choice, it saves lives and costs far less than the fees you'll have to pay when you get caught shipping products improperly. We can even train and certify your own employees so you can be certain they know how to handle materials storage and shipping properly on their own.

Why use a HazMat Consultant?

The United Nations mandates each country to control and track the movement of hazardous materials including everything from radioactive materials to genetically-altered flies. In the United States, the Federal Department of Transportation coordinates the Federal Aviation Administration, the national highway system, city signs, ocean-going cargo ships, and the location and volumes of storage for hazardous materials. You might be asking "so what does this have to do with me?" Here's your answer. A single bottle of flammable liquid accidentally sent by passenger aircraft could cost you $70-100 thousand dollars in fines from the FAA. In addition, the DOT could levy fines above that as punitive (punishing) damages depending on the severity of the risk. The regulations state that the responsibility lies with the person offering the package for transportation. It does not matter whether or not you are familiar with the hazard of a product. It is your responsibility either to learn proper shipping or find someone who does. Our certification is called "HazMat Employee with Packaging."

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