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Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel

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Product Description

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Pros:  Rapid, brilliant whitening with little tooth pain
Cons:  Patchy whiteness visible for at least a few treatments, gums can blanch quickly
Strengths:  3% - 25% Pure Hydrogen Peroxide, Professional & Home Use Versions
Viscosities:  Low, Regular, High, Super-High, Ultra-High

WHY USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Benefits vs. Weaknesses
Why would you choose H2O2 over other types of whiteners?
This class of gels has its entire peroxide value free of any bonds and ready to act so when you put the gel on the tooth surface you’ll see very rapid bubble formation.  This is the oxygen going to work on contact.  Treatment duration of high strength H2O2 gels can be shortened and get the same results as a gel of 1/2 the strength over double the time.  In-office treatments can be done quickly but will require a few treatments for best results.

H2O2 STRENGTH Choosing The Right Level Of Power
How do you balance speed, power, and viscosity to get the best results?
Peroxide value is the basis of the whitening action but other factors give you control over your client’s treatment success.  Use thicker gels to slow down the action and give the gel time to penetrate more deeply or use a thinner gel to speed up the whitening action.  Use professional strengths during in-office treatments to speed up penetration and whitening action even in thicker gels.  Carrying more than one strength will give your customers the freedom to choose more safety or more speed and power.  

PROFESSIONAL VS HOME USE Boosting Results With Technology
Shortening treatment duration with professional strength gels.
In-office treatments are a good way to make certain your clients get the best whitening in the shortest time.  Using the proper training and tools, clients can safely get brilliant white teeth, but professiona-strength products come with some risks.  A client having the professional use gels applied should be watched by personnel trained to look for the signs resulting from exposure to strong oxidizers so they can be removed before damage occurs.  If your clients are trained by you in the proper use of professional strength gels, they could use them safely but never give a professional strength product to an untrained user.

SWEETENERS AND FLAVORINGS Matching Your Market’s Needs
Does buying directly from a manufacturer give you more flexibility?
Our gels are all made with a combination of kosher glycerin, propylene glycol, some form of peroxide, thickener, and flavor.  Using Stevia all-natural, no-calorie sweetener and all-natural flavorings, we can help you create a unique treatment experience.  Appealing to your market with an unusual combination of sweetness and flavor made specifically for them will give your clients an unforgettable experience and set your company or product apart from all the others.  Our flavors include peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint ice, spearmint ice, wintergreen ice, fresh mint, and bubble gum but we can create almost any flavor of gel you want.

Stevia®  is a registered mark of Stevia SAS France, a division of Arden Dietic Foods in Arden, Delaware

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