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KB131105.01 Professional Use vs. Home Use

Tooth Whitening Gels, Professional Use vs. Home Use

When we manufacture gels for our clients, they can choose the pH of the product.  The lower the pH of the gel, the faster it whitens.  The surface of tooth enamel is normally sealed so penetration is as low as possible.  Still, stains can get into the enamel over time.  Home Use gels are mildly acidic causing the surface of the enamel to "bloom" which means that the pores in the enamel open up allowing the whitening gel to get in and bleach the foreign stains.  Professional Use are about 5x as acidic as Home Use gels which makes the blooming happen faster and more, but when blooming is pronounced, it is advisible for the professional to polish the enamel closed after treatment.  Otherwise, if the enamel is left open, future stains can get in more easily.  Enamel that has bloomed will eventually close on its own with normal abrasion from brushing and chewing, but each time the enamel is left open, more and more staining can occur.

Home Use pH Range:  5.5-6.5

Professional Use pH Range:  5.2-5.4

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