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KB131111.01 - Tooth Whitening Gel Viscosities

When we created our gels, we discovered that most whitening gel manufacturers offered versions of gels that bore no relation to each other with regard to their thickness.  A gel of one type was one thickness and a gel of another type was another thickness.  We decided to eliminate this inconsistency and give our clients a way to accurately predict how our gels would behave after receiving any other gel of the same thickness.  Because many of our clients are re-packging our gels into syringes or other small containers, it is important to know how all versions of the product will behave.

Low Viscosity
Flows easily like catsup.  Great for repeated or self-contained applications like custom-made dental trays.

Regular Viscosity
Flows very slowly like warm peanut butter.  Great for durable paint-on procedures or when some stickiness is needed.tter.  Great for durable paint-on procedures or when some stickiness is needed.

High Viscosity
Hardly flows at all but will flow if shaken.  Sticky and a little firm.  Best for use in trays to prevent oozing.

SuperHigh Viscosity
Doesn’t flow, very sticky and firm.  Perfect for low-strength long-duration treatments or when strong UV light accelerates whitening action.

UltraHigh Viscosity
Doesn’t flow, extremely sticky and firm.  Perfect for prefilled disposable trays and applications where you want the gel to adhere to the teeth.

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