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Lip Balm

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We have been creating lip balms, with sunscreen and without, for almost 30 years and have come up with some amazing formulas. Our clients can choose from a wide selection of containers and formulations but the most popular seems to be the formulas containing natural beeswax and other plant-based extracts.

Sunscreen Lip Balms

We typically use clear UV absorbers approved by the FDA to protect lips from chaffing and radiation burns from overexposure to the sun, but also for daily use to prevent premature aging with normal sun exposure. This class of lip balms is listed as OTC drugs and each formula goes through rigorous testing to ensure proper coverage and broad-spectrum protection. Because we usually don't use titanium or zinc, these formulas remain clear on the lips and won't turn milky or pasty-looking. Choose from a variety of flavors, sweeteners, and melting points for different altitudes.

Moisturuzing Lip Balms

Our moisturizing lip balms come in two forms: creams and sticks. Both types are packed with vitamins and botanical extracts and some contain a new class of silicone moisturizers that are impervious to water so they are not just waterproof but super-moisturizing and softening. This class of lip balms may or may not have sunscreen ingredients in them but the SPF claim is not made, so there are no additional costs involved with testing and validation. They can therefore be modified easily without worrying about the extra costs. There are so many variations we couldn't even begin to list them here. Modifiers include natural colorants, glittery particles of every color combination you can think of, fragrances, flavors, botanicals, etc.

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