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Lip Glosses & Plumpers

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This class of products includes products just for show as well as products with other features like sun protection, moisturizing barriers, and products that cause semi-permanent vascular inflation which increase the size of the lip substructure. Many of these products can have various features added to them and some can even be hybridized together to create something totally new. Very few are emulsions but most contain organic ingredients.

Simple Lip Glosses

There are so many pigments, glitters, flakes, faceted metallic particles and other coloring agents that it's hard to narrow it down. We have special particles that reflect two colors simultaneously in such a way that you see the colors separately, not mixed, so you might see both orange and green at the same time, but you wouldn't see brown. We also have transparent particles that pick up and scatter the colors around them so they enhance any skin tone and any lip color. Most of these glosses are mobile at body temperature giving that super-shiny wet look but some of them are buttery at body temperature. These give a more traditional feel of moisture but are not slippery. Combine different types of particles to achieve complex visual effects. We even have true liquid crystal glosses in a wide variety of colors. Liquid crystal lip glosses actually flash different colors when you wiggle the stick in the clear tube or when you rub your lips together.

Lip Plumping Technology

We have a well-proven technique that can be applied to most lip products. This technique involves repeatedly applying a product to the lips that orders the capillaries to open up. Over time, capillary structures begin to become more profuse throughout the lip tissue giving the near-permanent effect of plumping. After only 1 month of use, this effect is clearly visible and will continue to increase with continued use of the product. Eventually, the lips will reach a plateau where they are as plump as they are going to be and won't grow any more. At that point, a maintenance application is all that is required to maintain the larger lip size.

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