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Mineral Make-Up

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Mineral makeup technology has advanced significantly in the last few years giving us the ability to create powders so fine that they flow and spread like liquid from a brush. This new class of mineral blends is all-natural, paraben-free, anti-caking, and super long-lasting. We can create blends that cover ever so lightly or give complete airbrush-look coverage.  We can even match any color in less than 48 hours.

Antibacterial Technology

We are able to create blends of minerals that have the ability to kill harmful bacterial, molds, yeast, fungi, and other pathogens without changing the consistency of the product. While it is obvious that store samples are often contaminated, each time you reuse a brush without washing it you are transferring bacteria back and forth from your face to the powder. Our formulas are effective against MRSA so your customers can know their product is clean no matter how much they've shared it.

Micronizing Technology

Rather than simply blend micronized ingredients together, we have the ability to blend the raw minerals and other ingredients and micronize them together. The result is more than just a micronized makeup. Because the particles are micronized together, they coat each other for absolutely microscopic uniformity and flawless coverage.

Newest Packages

We have access to all the newest, trendiest packaging like bamboo-veneered brushes with the powder inside them. We also have access to all the classics like mirror compacts and powder pencils. All of our free-flowing powder minerals also have a compacted version. We can even emboss your company logo on the surface of your compacted powders. Keep in mind that we can also do low-volume batches so you don't have to overstock seasonal colors just to meet minimums.

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