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We have been in business since 1951 and open to the public since 1974 so we have done a lot of work over the years creating moisturizer and wound healing product formulas. We have so many different types and variations of moisturizers available you can have almost anything you can imagine. We even have the ability to make creams and lotions out of natural oils like grapeseed oil or emu oil without having the oils go bad.

The Natural Approach

Using natural oils, butters, and extracts in lotions and creams is nothing new but what is new is the ability to use natural ingredients that have a built-in preservative effect. New plants are being discovered all the time and some of them have developed quite powerful chemical defenses against pests and bacteria. We can use these naturally-occurring chemicals to keep lotions and creams pristine and bacteria free for years. We can also include certified organic extracts and ingredients from new oceanic discoveries to nourish and repair skin.

The Chemist's Approach

While the natural approach has its place, there are some things that nature just can't do. For those functions, we turn to chemistry. If you want a product that will make a rapid, significant change in the condition of the skin, you'll need synthetic ingredients. We have over 40 years of formulation experience. All of this knowledge helps us create moisturizers that are safe, economical, effective, and long-lasting.

Combination Products

Some of the features people look for in a moisturizer are regulated by the FDA and can only be created by an FDA-registered lab. These are most easily recognizable by the claim "SPF" or "with SPF" and even the claim "skin protectant" is regulated. We carry a full line of moisturizers with sunscreen from SPF 4 to SPF 41 which you can find under the Pro-Tect® Brand Sunscreen page under OTC Drugs. Many of our makeup products contain some kind of moisturizing function and sunscreen minerals, plus anti-aging properties for a truly broad market appeal.

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