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We have created a line of mouthwash products that far exceeds anything you will find in your local drugstore. These mouthwashes have been specifically designed to prevent and reverse periodontal disease. By including these products in an oral care kit you can not only improve customer satisfaction and increase perceived value, you can also improve oral health at the same time. We created these formulas to be accessible at low volumes so that small businesses and groups of practitioners can give their clients the very best care available. They are highly customizable with various colors and flavors available. 

In the old days of alcohol based mouthwashes, it was common for the product to sting too much for patients to use it properly.  Then came mouthwashes that did not sting but also did not significantly inhibit periodontal disease. Thanks to many years of research, we now have products available that do not sting and can all but eliminate many periodontal diseases. When used as part of a comprehensive oral care regimen, these products increase treatment success rates, patient comfort, and treatment compliance. Now instead of complicated oral procedures, patients can wear a custom made tray to hold the products in contact with the gums and teeth for comfortable, painless recovery. These products can also be formulated with freshening and whitening ingredients for maximum benefit.

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