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OTC Drugs In Oral Care

Many of our oral care products have active ingredients in them to promote healthy teeth and gums and to prevent and treat a variety of diseases. Anticaries gels and pastes of this level of quality can stop and, if caught early, can reverse cavity formation. For those who suffer with oral pain, we use numbing and analgesic agents to reduce their discomfort as well as antiseptic agents to prevent overt infections due to sores or chronic conditions.

Variations On A Theme

We have been formulating products for so long that most of our product lines have had plenty of time to mature. With brushing products, for example, we have some good formulas, but then we also have dozens of variations of each one. Our tooth whitening gels span a wide range of formulas & pH's. This allows small dental offices and large distributors access to the exact formula their market demands.

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