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Our Principals

Product Formulation

The vast majority of our products were created either as a direct result of a request by a client or as a learning point on the path of product development. When we create a product we do our best to create the most effective product possible. This allows our clients to out-class most mass-produced products on the market giving them leverage in a tough marketplace. We do not design products to hit a bargain price-point. If you want Suave-type shampoo, we can make it, but the only way to get prices that low is to order hundreds of thousands of bottles at a time. All pricing is strongly influenced by the economy of scale.

Safety & Ongoing Education

Our employees work in a tightly-controlled environment that prevents accidents and losses by the use of written procedures and protocols. We certify our own employees on equipment such as forklifts, mixers, and regulatory issues. As our company prepares to go paperless, we are working to maintain our high standards of service and data integrity while making authorized access to this information easier and less costly. Being a company under several regulatory agencies, we have historically used a lot of paper. We've gone to great pains to make sure that our backup policies will give us the same low risk of data loss that our paper hard copies did in the past.

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