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Pain & Itch Relievers

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Reduce Pain And Relieve Itching


When an injury occurs our immediate reaction is to treat the symptoms associated with the afflicted area. Edema (swelling) is often a contributing factor in injury because it adds to the damage caused by the initial injury. The swelling tissue can tear or become over-stressed so it’s important with some injuries, especially burns, to reduce this effect.


A common result of edema is pain and itching. Our initial reaction is to touch the area or scratch it for temporary relief. The BEST solution to alleviate the problem is by treating it with an anti-inflammatory ointment. We produce several different types of anti-inflammatory topical applications that can help heal injured or damaged skin and the tissue underneath. Since we have our own in-house R&D lab, we can adjust the strength, potency, or thickness of almost any product to your market’s exact needs. We often use multiple active ingredients so that we can keep each individual drug ingredient’s concentration low while still having an effective and long-lasting product.

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