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Pro-Tect® Sunscreens

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Buring Is Not Your Only Risk For Skin Cancer

Most people who use sunscreens agree that a sunburn is a bad thing, but few people realize that you don’t have to be burned by the sun to have an increased risk of damage to the skin as well as an increased risk of skin cancer. Since the damage that causes cancer usually happens years or decades before the cancer appears, it is necessary to use a product that absorbs the most radiation across the widest range of frequencies possible. That is exactly what Pro-Tect sunscreens are designed to do. Pro-Tect sunscreens are made using our special Pro-Spectrum process that allows us to offer the best possible absorption spectrum available without the use of zinc or avobenzone (Parsol 1789), which can destabilize certain formulas. With a varitiy SPF levels avaliable from 15 to 41 we have specialized protection for any markets needs.

Single-Application Sunscreens

This line of sunscreens does something cheaper brands can't do...stay on. What good is an SPF 50 if it comes off as soon as you sweat? Sunscreens made for the drug store market are intended to give the buyer a marginally-effective product at a low cost and low markup. They're usually made with technologies that are cold-processed and have poor wearability.

Pro-Tect® Sunscreens stay on in salt and fresh water, drying off with towels, changing clothes, and even exposure to sand, wind, hot, and freezing conditions. Its SPF (Sun Protection Factor) remains the same even after hours of use. Our SPF 15+ actually gets stronger the more you wear it. After an hour or two in the sun and water, it's up to an SPF 23 and climbing. There are no other sunscreens on the market formulated to get better as you wear them.

Other Sunscreen Formulas

Clients often want to put SPF value on a cosmetic product such as mineral makeup or lip balms. With several other types of sunscreen formulations available this is usaually not a problem. With some minor tweaking, we can help bring your product into the OTC drug arena with a minimum of time and cost.

Pro-Tect® Licensing Agreement

Any company selling or distributing Pro-Tect® brand products are free to use any of the graphics, images, or other documentation provided here as long as they comply with the current license agreement.


Our dedicated packaging team can take you from concept to completion. Providing you with all the tools you need to launch your very own label. Our clients receive technical support, marketing information, graphics, and many other services so they can offer the best sunscreen available today.

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