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Remineralizing Gel

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Product Description

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Pros:  Neutralizes whitening gels, helps put minerals back into tooth enamel, great for polishing, reduces the potential for future treatment discomfort
Cons:  No intrinsic whitening, antigingival, or anticaries effect
Viscosities:  Regular, High, Super-High

Is neutralizing an important step?
When whitening products are applied to the teeth, they get under the gumline and between teeth.  Short-term exposure is a good thing, but if the patient does not brush and rinse immediately after treatment, some active gel can remain in crevices and continue oxidizing the teeth.  Over the next hours, this residue can cause some minor degradation of the teeth and gums which isn’t a concern if it only happens once, but over a lifetime of whitening procedures, can lead to erosion of the tooth structure.  The minerals in this gel instantly react with any peroxide present stopping the action and protecting the teeth while the potassium nitrate reduces the pain-sensing potential of the nerves.

How can I prevent patients from having recurring staining?
All whitening gels must etch the enamel slightly to gain access to the stains under the surface.  This etching is necessary, but if left in an etched state, the enamel will be more vulnerable to post-treatment staining.  To maintain brilliant white teeth, the enamel should be polished using a remineralizing gel or gentle abrasive to harden the enamel against future staining.  With this method, patients will be able to enjoy treatment results longer and achieve a brighter smile with subsequent treatments.

KNO3 PAIN PREVENTION Regular Use Reduces Discomfort
How does the pain relief actually work and is it worth doing?
In every practice, there are those patients who will experience discomfort despite your best efforts and care not to overtreat their teeth, but if you can’t perform a whitening procedure properly then they won’t get the whitening results they desire.  Potassium nitrate (KNO3) can help reduce the nerves’ ability to send a pain signal, but not at the time of application.  It takes many applications to begin having an appreciable effect.  Patients who know they will experience pain during treatment should begin using this KNO3 gel at least 1 week before treatment and continue a few days after treatment.

SWEETENERS AND FLAVORINGS Matching Your Market’s Needs
Does buying directly from a manufacturer give you more flexibility?
Our KNO3 gels are all made with a combination of kosher glycerin, propylene glycol, potassium nitrate, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, thickener, sweetener (optional) and flavor.  Using Stevia  all-natural, no-calorie sweetener and all-natural flavorings, we can help you create your own custom treatment experience without the bitter taste.  Our flavors include peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, peppermint ice, spearmint ice, wintergreen ice, fresh mint, and bubble gum but we can create almost any flavor of gel you want.

Stevia®  is a registered mark of Stevia SAS France, a division of Arden Dietic Foods in Arden, Delaware

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