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Skin Care

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Liquid Foundations

We have an amazing assortment of colors and foundations available including basic cosmetics, sunscreens, Whole Foods-approved, and organic formulations.

Mineral Makeup

Our mineral makeups come in loose powder and liquid-to-powder forms that are light, comfortable, and easy to blend. Many can begin life as a cosmetic and be upgraded to sunscreens or other types of makeup as your marketing campaigns develop.


We have over 50 different types of moisturizers available for every different skin type, from ultra-dry to normal. Some contain all natural oils and skin softeners while others are waterproof, long-lasting, ultra-pure synthetic formulations.


We have been developing anti-aging formulations since 1974 and have created many formulas that soften the skin, tighten and tone collagen and adipose structures leading to a younger appearance and smoother skin. Fads come and go but sometimes an ingredient comes along has a genuine impact on successful anti-aging treatments.

Lip Glosses & Plumpers

Anyone can do a lip gloss but how about genuine liquid crystal? We have created many different types and colors of glosses including some that change color with movement and others that shine more than one color at a time. Any of these products can have plumping ingredients added to them.

Lip Balm

Lip balms are available in organic, semi-organic and fully synthetic versions. Every style from Burt's Bees-type to Carmex-type is available in low volumes and at competitive prices. Most lip balms can be made with an SPF value and all can be made with some or all natural ingredients.

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