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Spray Sunscreens

Comfortable & Durable Protection

There have been some amazing advances in film-forming techniques using silicones and we have a lot to offer in this area.  Spray sunscreens should be comfortable but offer more than spotty protection in all-day sun.  They should stay on but not be noticible and they shouldn't rub off when you dry off.  We are experts at silicone waterproof barrier sunscreens and have a wide range of delivery systems and SPF values available.

Go Green

Want your sunscreen to be sprayed with air instead of hydrocarbons or butane propellants?  No problem.  Choose from nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or just plain air all taken directly from the environment so the carbon footprint is very low and no harmful compounds are released when using the product.

More manual labor ok with you?  How about an aerosol bottle that's actually an easy-action pump spray?  This design hardly takes any downward force and sprays as fine as a pressurized can, but there's no pressure so no chance of popping or overheating a can.

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