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Styling Products

We have a wide variety of styling products available. Wide variety? Uh...no. Our selection is vast and continuing to evolve every day. No matter what kind of style you want to promote we have the product for you. Many of our formulas in this category can be easily manipulated to fine-tune the results and we can even work directly with your expert stylists to create a product that does exactly what you want it to do.

Hair Sprays & Mousses

We have a very special class of hair sprays that most other manufacturers don't have. We use resins that are unaffected by humidity. These hair sprays are so well designed that you can brush them out and reapply several times and hair only gets softer and shinier. We also have several types of detangling sprays that make hair so soft and manageable even fine hair can be brushed out and worn with no other product in the hair.

Setting & Curling Products

Stylists love our mists and sprays for setting curls and creating the most beautiful, soft, and natural looks for their clients. Using specialized combinations of extracts and light conditioning agents, even the most damaged hair comes out perfectly healthy and 10x stronger.

Specialized Hair Gels

Naturally, we have a huge number of hair gel formulations available, but each one has something unique about it. For example, when dark hair is lightened it will often take on an auburn or orange hue. Our African Jazz gels are made with real caramel to give a moisturizing effect and to tint orange to a more natural blonde hue. Other gels have a touch of red from pomegranate skin to enhance red tones and blue chlorophyll to enhance gray and platinum hair. Our gels also contain an ingredient that allows you to control the strength of the curl resulting in gels that tighten waves into large, medium, or small curls with no rollers or heat treatment.

Afro & Curly Hair

We have been creating products for all types of hair since our inception in 1974. We have dozens of products to condition, style, and moisturize natural and chemically-treated tight curly hair to prevent breakage and make hair soft and manageable even when it's prone to drying out. Looser curls still need moisture and protection but in a lighter, more readily-absorbed form. Flowing waves need even lighter products and sheen. We have the ability to fine-tune our products and even to allow stylists to fine-tune their own blends with assorted additive vials.

Pomades, Pastes, and Hair Lotions

Yes. That was Hair Lotions. We have specialty products used for every different style from high-fashion to everyday conservative. Men's products make styling take seconds instead of minutes and keep hair looking healthy, full, and natural. Many of our pomades are made with various types of sugars from around the world and proteins for deep conditioning with invisible hold.


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