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Decades of Research

We have been developing sunscreens since the mid 1970's with the help of dermatologists, biochemists, and theoretical scientists from across the United States.  First tested at the University of Houston, our first sunscreen formula was developed for patients with extreme sensitivity to light, lifeguards, and ski instructors since these groups receive the highest doses of UV and suffer the greatest damage from radiation exposure.  Since then we have created various types of sunscreens, some of which are available for private label.  All the research and testing on these is provided but if you want to create your own sunscreen we have a program for you.

Developing Your Own Sunscreen

Having a sunscreen developed for your product line isn't as expensive as it used to be.  Advances in chormatography, detectors, and ingredients have brought the price down year after year.  While no one can predict the exact cost of creating any specific formula until it's already finished, a sunscreen can now be developed for $7,000-$15,000.  For that investment, you could have control over your own sunscreen formula and never be at the mercy of a manufacturing company again.  Ingredients, percentages, instructions for blending, raw data and reports from testing...all included.


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