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Teeth Whitening

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We manufacture Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide gels in many delivery systems including syringes, pre-filled trays, custom-made kits of various configurations, and Point-Of-Purchase displays with your very own design. Gel strengths run from 6% to 44% and can be made fast or slow acting, thick or thin, and can even be made as an overnight treatment or whitening strip.

Carbamide Peroxide vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

How do you know which is right for your customers? Strictly speaking, Hydrogen Peroxide is faster-acting than Carbamide Peroxide, but fast isn't necessarily the best choice for your clients. When you oxidize (whiten) the tooth enamel rapidly, only a thin layer of the outer surface is affected because a product strong enough to whiten will also damage gum tissue. By the time the gums are noticeably tender and treatment must be stopped, the gel has not penetrated very deeply. H2O2 formulas in the 35% range are notorious for this. Shallow whitening gives a very patchy result. Carbamide Peroxide is much slower acting and has about 35% of the oxidizing power (peroxide value) of H2O2 but is made stronger because the Carbamide (Urea) part of the molecule has a synergistic effect with the Hydrogen Peroxide. Because it acts more slowly, it has time to penetrate deeper into the enamel so the result is a more even whitening. One drawback with CP whitening is that some people are sensitive to it and will experience an "electrical" tooth pain that fades slowly after use.

We also have a special type of Hydrogen Peroxide that is bound to a PVP resin FDA-approved for oral use that slows down oxidation while also acting as a thickener. We use it to adjust the speed of whitening products in various slow-acting H2O2/CP gel combinations in a super-thick gel form. This most often goes into prefilled trays or on tooth whitening strips.

Custom Private-Label Kits

If you think you have to buy thousands of kits to have one made with your very own logo and box design, you're wrong! Starting at only 125 kits, we will design a super high-gloss full-color digital heavyweight carton made to your specifications. Kits can come with clear plastic windows, metallic appliques, clear boxes with full color sleeves and even custom embossing and built-in color charts. All kits are tamper-evident and professionally assembled in our FDA-registered facility in Houston, Texas.

Point-Of-Purchase display cartons are custom-made to fit your kit so they fit perfectly. Robust die-cut lids open and then fold in half so your company logo stands out over your very own custom kits. Small businesses can have the same or better results than a large corporation making a generic kit of cheaper products. This is valuable when going after high-end markets rather than drug stores.


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