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Other Sunscreens

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This brand of sunscreens includes pigments infused with waterproof resins that spread smoothly, cover evenly, and are very comfortable to wear.  Pigment strengths range from a very light application of color to liquid foundations that cover and even out skin tone.

Custom Shade Creation

Our base formulas span a wide range of SPF values but all can accept an array of pigmenting agents.  Colors range from deep dark brown to light yellowish or pinkish flesh.  We also sometimes include special color effects like our Gemini line which reflects two colors at the same time.  On dark skin with a dark toner, a touch of gold-green gives a beautiful richness that is so subtle viewers aren't sure they are seeing a special effect at all.  They just know it's beautiful.  Pink shimmer for teens is also very popular and contains no glitter particles with sharp edges so it's safe for young children too.

If we create a custom color for your company, that color will be exclusive to your company for the life of our business relationship.  We also have a standard pallete of colors for various shades and effects.

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